Welcome to Wigwam® Cabins

Wigwam® Cabins, established in 1992, offers a genuine four season holiday unit, insulated, heated and built to last with the lifespan equivalent to that of a modern home. 

Our fantastic design team have pioneered innovative steam bending techniques to develop an exciting range of buildings, designed for the rural environment. Built from renewable resources of home grown timber, these stunning, high quality, environmentally friendly buildings are designed for the worst extremes of weather. Our cabins are delivered to site and rest of concrete slab foundations. No mess, no hassle, no fuss.

Our sister company Wigwam® Holidays was launched in 2000 to provide exciting and profitable opportunities for those interested in diversifying into this unique low cost holiday experience. 

Wigwam® Cabins are the sole manufacturer of the Wigwam® range for Wigwam® Holidays 

"Simple to maintain, robust, easy to clean and they stand up well to the Winter!" Olivia Hill, Northside Farm Wigwams®

"The Wigwams® are good value for money, visitors love them and they're easy to maintain and clean. There's nothing to go wrong! They are better built than the other options we looked at." Jan Hardwick, Secret Valley Wigwams® 

 "We started with 12 Wigwams® in 2006 and bought another 8 in 2011. We've painted them every 4 years and they've not depreciated in that time. It's a good innovative design with attention to detail - a genuine four season product." John Whiteford, Pot-a-Doodle Do Wigwam® Village.

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