There are many reasons for starting a glamping business. A desire to change career, or diversify your land or farm. Perhaps you have a campsite already and want to add Wigwam® Cabins glamping into the mix.

Whatever your reasons, setting up a glamping site is a sustainable, enjoyable business. And with hard work and determination, there will be lots of rewards along the way.

Key points to consider for your glamping business

Alongside the purchase of your Wigwam® Cabins comes decades of hands-on experience, knowledge and support. We are here to guide you through the process when you need us.

If you want to get ahead on planning and decision making, we recommend tackling some key areas in the early stages.

Accommodation options

The most important factor in starting your glamping site is the accommodation you offer. Whether you go for glamping pods, en-suite log cabins or fully accessible lodges - you have to be sure that you choose the right product for your needs.

Working hours and opening times

Consider how the glamping business will fit around your life and family. Will this replace your current work and how many hours, days, weeks and months do you want to work in your new business? If you need to work all year round, then you need cabins that are suitable for year-round business. Keep in mind your local authority may apply restrictions.

Skills and experience

What skills will you need to support business growth? There are a number of skills necessary to help your business succeed. Skills in areas like marketing, sales, web design and maintenance, social media, administration and customer service all have a part to play. There are many free or low-cost courses available online to get you started. You don’t have to be an expert, but a basic knowledge will be very helpful.

Competitor research

It’s important to check out your competition - in your local area and online. Who do you consider your competition and what do they do well? What don’t you like about them- and what could you do differently?

Booking systems

Do you have a booking system that you already use for your business and how easily will it adapt to include your new glamping business? If not, then you should consider what systems, functions and tools are available.

Glampsite culture and rules

What kind of site do you want to create? Have you got a type of customer in mind you want to attract? Do you want to avoid big groups and parties? Will you encourage campfires and BBQs? The rules you set will form your culture which will help guide your business values as you progress.

Utilities and service providers

How luxurious do you want your glamping to be? Would you like to provide toilet facilities and running water? Or TVs and Wifi? What about hot tubs and jacuzzis? The options are endless and working out what utilities you need will help guide your site planning.

Ready to get started on your new glamping business?

We know there is a lot to consider in your new venture which is why we’re here to support you. We can give you expert advice on setting up your new glamping site. Give us a call today to get started.