Get ready for your new Wigwam® Cabins

Having your site prepared for the arrival of your Wigwam® Cabins is easier than you might think. Our advice is to have a detailed plan in place to guide you through the process and timeline as smoothly as possible. As always, we are on hand to give you all the support, advice and encouragement you need to get your land ready for your brand new, made to order glamping pods. .

Essential site preparation for your cabins

Your new Wigwam® Cabins need minimal site preparation. Our cabins are designed to have continual ventilation by supporting them off the ground. Each glamping pod comes with six feet to raise the structure, so it’s important that the ground is sturdy and flat.

Concrete slabs are a great solution, however if your ground gets muddy or boggy we recommend laying a hard core base.

You will also need to make provisions for access to mains electricity and water and drainage for Running Water Wigwam®.

We also recommend thinking ahead before choosing your cabin sites. Ask yourself what your guests will want. For example, access to the cabins with cars for ease of unloading. And of course, if you order Running Water Accessible Lodge® cabins, you’ll have to make provisions to align with disability and mobility regulations.

How long will it take for my cabins to arrive?

After your order for Wigwam® Cabins is confirmed, it takes between 8 and 10 weeks for delivery. Your new glamping pods are built to your exact order and they come fully assembled, so if you haven’t started already, it is time to get busy preparing your site.

Delivery details

During the lead time, we’ll keep you updated on the progress of your Wigwam® Cabin build. When we get closer to completion, we’ll arrange a suitable delivery day with you.

Unloading safely - what we need from you

Wigwam® Cabins come fully assembled on our flatbed trucks. To ensure the safe transfer from our trailer to your site, you’ll need to organise either a forklift (a 3.5 ton agricultural forklift is ideal) or a truck-mounted crane.

After your cabins have been unloaded onto your land, you can then move them to your chosen location if necessary. Each cabin comes as a complete, self-assembled unit so it is easy to do this with your forklift or crane.

When can we move in?

As soon as your cabins are settled in the right place and connected to mains electricity and water and drainage functions (if you have chosen Running Water Wigwams®), then your cabin is technically ready for action!

Everything you need to get you started

There’s a wealth of experience and knowledge here at Wigwam® Cabins. We’ve worked with site owners just like you for over 25 years to get their glamping business off the ground. As always, we’re on hand to give you advice and support you need to get everything started.