Back in the seventies, growing up in rural Caithness, life made sense! No mobile phones, no internet, no computers. TV had only just begun. Life was rich, full of adventure and every day another story.

Memories include moonlit nights, vast starry skies, endless summer days, frozen hands from tireless winter sledging and, of course, the early morning call of the first cuckoo of spring. One simple emotion that I will always remember, was the thrill of the first day of the school holidays and the eagerly anticipated seven weeks of freedom stretching ahead.

Fishing for trout in the Tannach burn, cycling a few short miles to the sand dunes of Reiss beach, building dens in the whin field, swimming at the falls on a sunny day. These were simple freedoms, absolutely enjoyed and completely taken for granted. We camped when we wanted, cooking sausages over fires lit from scavenged twigs, played tennis on the country road outside the house or cycled to the village shop to stock up on childhood essentials. Yes, life was good for a country child in the seventies.

That is the story behind Wigwam® Holidays: a rural childhood in Caithness. A story that our core purpose and core values intend to honour and bring to the Wigwam® Brand and Network. Wigwam® reflects that same fundamental Native American knowledge. We exist because of nature and are nourished by nature. To understand and respect our environment is to enjoy, cherish and experience the great outdoors.

This essential truth is embodied in the Wigwam® Brand. It’s what it is all about. We exist not for the money, although we all need to make a profit, but to allow everyone to experience the fun and value of Great Holidays in the Great Outdoors. It’s that simple, it’s what we are and what defines us as an organisation.

The intention of this manual is to consistently communicate our Wigwam® Brand. This is not just a “book of rules” but a statement of the culture which defines our community. All we ask is that you work with us to create a level playing field throughout our unique Network of UK Sites. As the glamping industry explodes, there are many alternative and often inferior products on the market and it is our aim to create the UKs number one glamping brand: “a beacon of light in a sea of choice.”

So let’s work together, use the knowledge and follow the systems enclosed in this guide, to create a brand that you trust and deliver Great Holidays in the Great Outdoors.


Charles Gulland
Managing Director