Wigwam® Cabins founder, Charles Gulland, has been designing and building robust and environmentally friendly log cabins and glamping pods since the early 1990s.

Originally, his designs could be found dotted along the West Highland Way as part of a project he worked on as designer in residence for the Countryside Commission for Scotland. The cabins were instantly popular with walkers and campers looking for a little comfort after a long day’s walking.

Holidays in the great outdoors for all

From here, Wigwam® Cabins was formed. The popularity of the original cabins became the catalyst for a new company and to adapt the original designs to suit a wider audience.

The company’s first product - The Wee Brave Wigwam® - was quickly followed by its big brother The Big Chief Wigwam® which was big enough for a family or group of 5 to sleep in.

Campers, walkers and outdoor enthusiasts loved staying in them but there was a noticeable shift in attracting families with children to stay in them. Viewed as a step up from camping, with less hassle and more security, the Wigwam® Cabins gained a loyal following.

Tapping into the new glamping trend

The friendly glow from the Wigwam® windows and welcoming shape proved a familiar and popular sight on campsites throughout the UK. Their presence tapped into a new trend that was to sweep across the country. More and more people reached out for holidays in the great outdoors and to spending time in nature. This new trend became known as ‘glamping’. People wanted to relax and enjoy being outside. They wanted to connect with nature and with their loved ones. And most importantly, they wanted to do it in comfort.

Glamping innovation, technology and style

Wigwam® Cabins was an early innovator of the glamping pod and camping cabins and over 25 years has continued to design and build beautiful, robust and environmentally friendly log cabins. The Wee Brave and Big Chief Wigwams® were quickly joined by the Running Water Wigwam® - offering a little more luxury with en-suite bathrooms and fitted kitchen area with sink.

In 2018 Wigwam® Cabins launched the Wigwam® Lodge Accessible. Sleeping up to 5 people, with ensuite bathroom and fitted kitchen it is wheelchair friendly and has been adapted to Category 3 disabled regulations. The following year, the largest of the range - the Wigwam® Lodge sleeping up to six people joined the family, providing more people than ever with the chance to enjoy great holidays in the great outdoors!

The Wigwam® Guarantee

Wigwam® Cabins was one of the first manufacturers of glamping accommodation and the commitment to quality achieved in the beginning has continued as designs were honed and refined through the years.

The products that you see today are beautiful, inviting and above all robust. With a little care and attention, each Wigwam® Cabin can last up to 100 years. They are easy to maintain - simply check for clear air passage under the cabin and apply an exterior coat of wood stain every 3-4 years and your Wigwam® Cabins will continue to work hard for you long into the future.

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